Engaging Journeys manages and operates over 75 travel programs for colleges, universities and life-long learning organizations around the country.  These institutions have a commitment to provided their alumni and members with exceptional educational travel opportunities.  Our business model provides these organizations with the ability to launch a travel program without any add to staff and minimal additional responsibilities placed on existing staff members. In addition, our clients will also earn an revenue from the programs offered and  do not incur any expenses associated with the operation and management of the travel programs.

Engaging Journeys handles all  operations and logistics associated with running the travel program allowing the organization to focus on other existing programs. This program is a “no-cost” initiative for our clients both in terms of dollars and staff time.

Case Western Reserve University
Educational Travel Program

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Educational Travel Program Website

Gettysburg College Travel Program

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JU Dolphin Travel Program

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Main Line School Night Travel Program


Swarthmore Alumni College Abroad

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UB Alumni Travel Program

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Pioneer Journeys

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University of La Verne

Click HERE to visit the La Verne
Alumni Travel Program website
Bryn Mawr Alumnae Travel Program